How to order

How to use our service

NOTE! We receive fresh order once a week, so please send your order until Tuesday 11 am, so we can do the shipment the same week. If you order later than that, we can only process your items the following week.

1. After registration and checking your datas, you can immiediately start your order from our offers.

2. You can find our products under the “Products” menu. You can also use the “Search – Detailed Search Option”, where you can search by the name, desciption or code number of the products.

3. The prices are net prices, and they are valid if your company posesses an EU NIP/tax number. If it is not the case, we have to add an additional 27%, which is the amount of the Hungarian tax.

4. Place your items in the basket. When the product can be purchased by the item, you can choose the nimber in the drop down menu, to choose how many pieces, boxes or packs you would like to buy. When a products is by weight, you can also choose it from the drop down menu, or the multiple quantity of the original. (You can choose from piece, or weight).

5. When you are finished with placing your items in the basket, click on “Order”.

6. You can now see the list of your orders, which includes your older and your recent order. Your previous orders that you had already compiled, but you have not ordered yet will be under “Planned”, after sending will change to “Under Process” and will be “Completed” after confirmation. Your most recent order will be on the top of the page. If you click on “Basket”, you can check the contents of your order, or delete even when needed. Under the contents of your basket you can check the approximate price (only approximate because our products are individually priced by their nature, so the final weight is only estimated).

7. If you want to re-order a previous list, click on the “Basket” in the last column of the order. Your previous order will now be in the basket, with the same amounts.

8. You can add a note to each order. Here, you can request an alternative packaging (if you need something differently to how we would send it), or if you would like to order a different size or weight of a product, which is not listed.

9. If you are happy with your basket, click on “Order” in the right hand side, and confirm your order by clicking on “Yes” in the appearing window. You will soon receive a confirmation e-mail to the address that you have given at the “User account”, which will contain the approximate price of the order.

10. You can still order further items until Tuesday 11 o`clock, which we will add to your previous order.

11. When we compiled your order, we will inform you about the final price of the order. If there is any complication with your order, we will contact you immediately.

12. We will attach the invoice to your order, which you can check under „invoices”.

13. We will accomplish the order according to your agreement with our representative.

14. By using this site you agree to our Privacy policy, Terms and Conditions.